Multilingual Disambiguation of Named Entities Using Linked Data

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AGDISTIS is an Open Source Named Entity Disambiguation Framework able to link entities against every Linked Data knowledge base.

Where can I learn more about AGDISTIS?

To learn more about AGDISTIS visit our project homepage.

Who maintains AGDISTIS?

We are a big team of maintainers: Furthermore, we thank Maximilian Speicher, Lars Wesemann and Dave Boden.

How to cite AGDISTIS?

If you want to cite this publication please use the Bibtex below:
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Where is AGDISTIS used?

Please let us know if you are using AGDISTIS. You can contact us here.
Use from java
For running AGDISTIS on your machine go to the root directory and of AGDISTIS and execute
mvn tomcat:run 
Now a webservice is running on localhost:8080.

The easiest way of running AGDISTIS from source is to have a look at the Java Class /src/test/java/
We hope you will enjoy using AGDISTIS!
Use from commandline
We deployed AGDISTIS as a RESTful service reachable via the following command:
curl --data-urlencode "text='<entity>Barack Obama</entity> arrives in <entity>Washington, D.C.</entity>.'"\
				 -d type='agdistis'
curl --data-urlencode "text@test.txt" -d type=agdistis
AGDISTIS also provides also a Wrapper for DBpedia Spotlight. Just change the "type" to "spotlight" instead of "agdistis" Please note that every entity you need disambiguated must be recognized beforehand.
Chinese endpoint:
curl --data-urlencode "text='<entity>北京</entity> 和 <entity>上海</entity> 分别是 <entity>中国</entity> 的政治和经济中心.'"\
				 -d type='agdistis'
German endpoint:
curl --data-urlencode "text='Die Stadt <entity>Dresden</entity> liegt in <entity>Sachsen</entity>.'" \
				-d type='agdistis'